Fair HQ Partners with Ciphr to Amplify HR Teams

Fair HQ Team

May 28, 2024


Fair HQ has partnered with Ciphr to create a better link between DEI and HR priorities, creating more inclusive and successful workplaces. This collaboration combines Fair HQ’s science-backed DEI platform with Ciphr’s comprehensive HR solutions, providing organizations with holistic tools to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion, streamline HR processes, and meet ESG standards.

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Ciphr to bring you cutting-edge DEI solutions. Together, we’re set to transform the HR landscape, making workplaces fairer, more inclusive, and better for business.

3 Reasons Why DEI Matters to HR Teams

HR teams play a crucial role in shaping the future of their organizations. Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) isn’t just a moral imperative—it’s a business one. Here’s why DEI should be at the heart of your HR strategy:

  1. Boost Your Bottom Line

Companies that prioritize DEI outperform their peers. Diverse teams bring diverse perspectives, leading to more innovative solutions and better decision-making. Our partnership helps you harness the full potential of your workforce, driving better business outcomes.

  1. Attract and Retain Top Talent

Millennials and Gen Z value inclusivity. With up to 75% of the workforce expected to be from these generations by 2025, DEI is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. Our DEI solutions ensure your organization stands out as an employer of choice.

  1. Operational Excellence

Inclusive workplaces are happier workplaces. When employees feel valued and included, engagement and productivity soar. Our partnership equips you with the tools to foster an inclusive culture, boosting morale and reducing turnover.

How Fair HQ and Ciphr Can Help

Let’s be frank, DEI often lands on the People team’s plate (as it’s related to people). But most people teams find it really hard to know (1) where to start, (2) what good looks like and where (3) should the team be spending time .

Our collaboration brings together the best of HR and DEI expertise to offer comprehensive, actionable solutions to elevate Social KPIs (ESG) and employee experience & productivity:

  • Holistic DEI Measurement & Strategy. In line with existing HR strategy, we help companies develop a robust, data-driven DEI strategy that aligns with their organizational goals. Our DEI maturity assessments provide actionable insights to guide your efforts, set goals and create behavioural change to foster inclusion & greater diversity.
  • Tackling Bias & Creating Fair Processes & Policies. From promotions to pay, our partnership helps you uncover and address biases in all aspects of employee management. We provide the tools and knowledge to implement fair practices and boost inclusion across the board.
  • Meeting ESG and Tender Requirements. Showcase your commitment to social responsibility. Our DEI solutions help you meet ESG criteria and tender requirements, enhancing your reputation and appealing to a wider customer audience and investors (or funders).

About Ciphr

Ciphr are HR’s biggest cheerleaders. Their intelligent tech solutions span HR software, payroll, LMS, and recruitment, helping HR teams work seamlessly while providing crucial human insights. Their mission is to amplify HR’s voice and value to ensure people teams feel seen, heard, and important. Their goal is to provide first-class solutions that meet the needs of growing organizations across the UK (and beyond).

Alt Text: “Image of Sion Lewis, CEO of Ciphr, with a quote: ‘We are incredibly impressed with the innovative DEI product Fair HQ brings to the table. Their data-driven approach and commitment to behavioral science make DEI an actionable and valuable strategy for HR and ESG teams. This collaboration with Fair HQ team exemplifies our mission to empower HR teams and create fair, equitable workplaces. Together, we are setting a new standard for DEI excellence.’”

What You Get with Fair HQ and Ciphr

Fractional Head of DEI: Expert guidance to lead your DEI initiatives.

All-in-One DEI Data Tool: Comprehensive DEI management and reporting.

DEI Audits: Identifying biases and opportunities within your processes.

GDPR-Compliant Surveys: Capturing employee sentiment and experience.

Benchmarking: Comparing your DEI maturity against peers.

Science-Led Strategy: Personalized, evidence-based DEI strategies.

Annual Reports: Showcasing your progress to stakeholders.

Professional Support: HR and DEI experts committed to your success.

Join the Movement for a Fairer Workplace

Our partnership with Ciphr isn’t just about software—it’s about creating meaningful change. We’re here to help you build a workplace where every employee feels valued and included, driving better outcomes for your business.

Image of Kate Pljaskovova, Founder & CEO of Fair HQ, with a quote: ‘Partnering with Ciphr allows us to bring our cutting-edge DEI solutions to a broader audience. Ciphr’s comprehensive HR solutions perfectly complement our DEI expertise, creating a one-stop shop for HR teams. We’re truly impressed by Ciphr’s dedication to amplifying the voice and value of HR teams, and we’re excited to see the positive impact this collaboration will have on organizations across the UK.

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