About Us

We are on a mission…

We exist because meritocracy doesn’t work… yet! We envision a world where everyone can
succeed regardless of their background.  We help companies become more successful by
improving their diversity, equality and inclusion.

Meet the team


Head of Behavioural Science




Founder & CEO




DEI Advisor




Product Engineer



Head of Product






Our Values

Back it up

We make sure there’s always evidence and a clear rationale behind what we say and do. We approach information and sources with a critical eye, seeking to distill truth and apply it to our work.

Make it simple

We break things down, illustrate our point and give examples that people care about. We tell stories. We make things memorable.

Embrace the challenge

We’re biased towards action. Taking on challenges, both big and small, energises us. We draw upon each other’s strengths to overcome hurdles.

Care deeply

We make sure every individual feels empowered, supported, respected and valued — whether they’re a team member or customer.

Inspire inclusion

We ask for each other’s perspectives. We say “yes, and…” instead of “but…”. We brainstorm, open up the discussion, and invite everyone to participate. We work as a team.

Join Us

Come and make a difference

We do have some hiring plans for 2024 so watch this space (or keep an eye on Otta)