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Unique DEI tools recommended
by ILPA, Level 20 and EDCI.

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DEI tools made for
Private Equity Funds

Our DEI products cover:

  • GP's Fractional Head of DEI
  • Portfolio DEI assessment & support
  • DEI reporting tool for ESG & LP
  • DEI due diligence for Deal Teams

Analyse portfolio DEI at scale

ESG frameworks only scratch the surface, our unique DEI algorithm uses 1,000+ data points collected in hours, not months.

  • Systematically identify risks and opportunities portfolio-wide
  • Compliant DEI data collection for informed decision-making
  • 50+ HRIS integrations (Bamboo HR, Hi Bob, Workday)
  • Peer comparison and benchmarking by industry and location

Scalable value creation strategy 

Equip PortCos with an affordable Fractional Head of DEI as a SaaS product to support their growth.

  • DEI maturity diagnostic for policies, processes & behaviours
  • Private DEI surveys uncovering true employee sentiment and identities (GDPR compliant)
  • Personalised DEI strategy built on science and data
  • Seamless GP & ESG reporting & benchmarking

Get certified and benchmarked

Get recognition for your commitment to DEI with Fair HQ’s Private Equity DEI Certification and know how you compare to your peers.


  • DEI diagnostic of operations, deal flow & portfolio support
  • Benchmark against similar Private Equity firms
  • Personal DEI strategy & support
  • Deliver on your commitments to PRI, ILPA, Level 20, EDCI etc.

Deal flow DEI due diligence done!

Objectively assesses both the potential risks and prospects of a fund’s prospective portfolio.


  • Ready-made framework for investment teams and potential deals
  • Collect data in hours not weeks
  • Compare deals to industry & peer benchmarks

Funds like yours know DEI matters

“It was challenging to face the things we could have changed historically that may have led to a more diverse industry. But thoughtful changes over the last few years have already had a measurable impact on our team.”

General Partner, $1.5Bn AUM Fund

“In today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment, having a diverse team isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a strategic imperative.
That’s why we invest in DEI.”

Senior Partner, $6.5B AUM Fund

“Diversity of investment teams is about ROI. It drives access to higher conviction investment opportunities, it helps break down groupthink with regard to changing trends and market opportunities.”

Investment Director, $3.5Bn AUM Fund

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